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Wikimedia Enterprise API Products

Snapshot API

Retrieve an entire Wikimedia project, updated daily.

  • Download compressed files containing everything in a given project, updated daily or monthly
  • Configure Snapshot downloads based on specific projects or language edition
  • Monthly Snapshots are always free with an account

On-demand API

Retrieve any article from any Wikimedia project at anytime.

  • Make standard HTTP requests to retrieve any document by ID or page name
  • Request the latest page data at any time to augment your Realtime or Snapshot API data
  • Access Wikipedia Infobox content in JSON with our Structured Contents endpoint
  • 10,000 Requests are free with an account

Realtime API

Stream real-time updates from any Wikimedia project, like Wikipedia.

  • Streaming: Receive streaming updates of changes as they occur in real-time
  • Batch: Download compressed files of incremental updates each hour
  • Receive updates for new content, edits, deletions, and urgent events including community-curated visibility changes

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Wikimedia Enterprise API Structured Data

Always receive the same structured response from every API delivery method with JSON or ND-JSON

Retrieve data in bulk with the Snapshot API, listen for changes with the Realtime API stream, and make requests to the On-demand API

Responses include information about the article itself including summary, image, revision editor, credibility data about the revision, wikidata QID, and more metadata

Example: Run this cURL command with your access token (see docs to get that) to grab the live english squirrel wikipedia article seen here →

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" -L "https://api.enterprise.wikimedia.com/v2/articles/Squirrel?limit=1&fields=name&fields=identifier&filters=\{\"field\":\"is_part_of.identifier\",\"value\":\"enwiki\"\}"

For a full breakdown and explanation of the data in responses see our Data Dictionary schema.

Any more questions? – We’re here to help.

  "name": "Squirrel",
  "identifier": 28492,
  "abstract": "...summary of article...",
  "date_created": "2001-10-09T17:55:09Z",
  "date_modified": "2023-06-08T22:54:56Z",
  "date_previously_modified": "2023-05-11T22:49:51Z",
  "version": {
    "identifier": 1159205766,
    "comment": "...version edit comment...",
    "tags": [...],
    "is_minor_edit": true,
    "has_tag_needs_citation": true,
    "scores": {...},
    "editor": {...},
    "number_of_characters": 30705,
    "size": {
      "value": 30799,
      "unit_text": "B"
    "event": {...}
  "previous_version": {...},
  "url": "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squirrel",
  "watchers_count": 341,
  "image": {
    "content_url": "https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/68/Sciuridae.jpg",
    "width": 600,
    "height": 600
  "article_body": {
    "html": "...html of entire page...",
    "wikitext": "...wikitext of entire page..."
  "namespace": {
    "identifier": 0
  "in_language": {
    "identifier": "en"
  "main_entity": {
    "identifier": "Q9482",
    "url": "https://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q9482"
  "protection": [...],
  "additional_entities": [...],
  "categories": [...],
  "templates": [...],
  "redirects": [...],
  "is_part_of": {...},
  "license": [
      "name": "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Unported",
      "identifier": "CC-BY-SA-3.0",
      "url": "https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/"

SLA and Support

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Open License

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