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Pricing is based on your usage of each API, with discounts available for annual commitments.


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Starts at $5.00 per GB

Retrieve a snapshot of an entire project at any time

Access snapshots updated daily with an annual data usage commitment

2,000 GB required annual commitment

Monthly Snapshots are FREE


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Starts at $.01 per Request

Retrieve any article from any project

Make as many requests as you need with an annual request usage commitment

1M request required annual commitment

First 10,000 requests are FREE


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Starts at $100,000 per year

Retrieve real time article changes from any project, in hourly batch or streaming

Unlimited access with an annual agreement

$100k minimum annual commitment

Estimate your annual data usage

Copy the Wikimedia Enterprise Pricing Calculator sheet below to estimate your Snapshot and On-Demand usage and yearly cost.

Access Wikimedia Enterprise APIs with a simple annual commitment.

Royalty Free, Open Licenses

Data is subject to individual licensing under a set of open, royalty-free licenses.

Formal Contract, SLA, and Support

All Wikimedia Enterprise accounts include a help center and customer support. Paid accounts receive 99% SLA and support response time guarantees.

Open License

Benefit from openly licensed, royalty-free data

No additional contract for data licensing

No additional costs beyond service delivery

No contractual lock-in around data itself

Keep data indefinitely