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Consume and activate Wikimedia Project Data faster, easier, and at greater scale than ever before.

Enterprise-Grade Services
Retrieve data from Wikimedia projects in any language, access metadata packaged exclusively for Wikimedia Enterprise, and detect vandalism or important updates at the article level.
Modern Data Delivery
Make standard HTTP requests, easily export entire Wikimedia projects, or receive a filterable feed of the latest updates in real timeā€”all with rate limits designed for enterprise.
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daily updates
Modern delivery of Wikimedia Project Data
Access one of the largest public data sources on the internet with a single unified structure and guaranteed availability.
Great for voice assistants, populating search engines, training machine learning models, augmenting private data sets, and much more.
Enable your entire organization with a knowledge graph that can be consumed across teams.
Wikimedia Enterprise Project Data
Wikimedia Project

Wikipedia alone has grown into the world's largest reference website, but Wikimedia Enterprise APIs include much more than that. Explore the projects included, their available data, and what is on the roadmap to come.

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Open License
Benefit from openly licensed, royalty-free data
Wikimedia Enterprise License
No additional contract for data licensing
No additional costs beyond service delivery
No contractual lock-in around data itself
Keep data indefinitely
Service Delivery
Identical response objects across services