Wikimedia Enterprise APIs, Built for Business

Consume and activate Wikimedia Project Data faster, easier, and at greater scale than ever before.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Retrieve data from Wikimedia projects in any language, access metadata packaged exclusively for Wikimedia Enterprise, and detect vandalism or important updates at the article level.

Modern Data Access

Unleash the potential within your own organization. Use Wikimedia Enterprise to build knowledge graphs, voice assistants or bots, training models, massive enriched datasets, and so much more.


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Modern APIs for Wikipedia and other projects


Access one of the largest public data sources on the internet with a single unified structure and guaranteed availability.


Great for voice assistants, populating search engines, training machine learning models, augmenting private data sets, and much more.


Enable your entire organization with a knowledge graph that can be consumed across teams.


Wikimedia Enterprise Project Data

Wikipedia alone has grown into the world’s largest reference website. Wikimedia Enterprise makes it easy to access the knowledge contained across hundreds of Wikimedia Projects.

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