Unlock Enterprise-Grade Solutions with Wikimedia Enterprise

Activate Wikipedia’s comprehensive data solutions while being supported by robust contracts, expert services, and unwavering support.

Stability and Reliability

Data delivery you can trust

Tailored Contracts & SLA

Experience the assurance of enterprise-grade contracts and SLAs that ensure reliability and trustworthiness, tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Dedicated Services & Support

Benefit from our comprehensive services including consulting, direct access to our engineers, and 24/7 support to help you maximize the value of our data.

Advanced Consulting

Leverage expert consulting to seamlessly integrate our data into your systems, enhancing your organization’s capabilities with personalized guidance.

Enhanced Data Management

Access exclusive metadata, credibility signals, and advanced tools for vandalism detection, providing you with superior data management solutions.

Modern APIs, Credibility Signals, Clear Licensing

Wikipedia content you know & trust

Data you can Trust

Reduce risk by improving the accuracy and reliability of content served to your users. Wikimedia Enterprise has multiple tools and processes designed to help detect the introduction of inaccurate or biased information in project content.

Data You Can Activate

Parse and extract specific information from well-structured, well-documented services. Access multiple machine-readable data formats with globally consistent identifiers and API responses, whether you’re requesting a single article, an entire project’s snapshot, or the real-time stream.

Zero Licensing Fees

Over 99.9% of data available through Wikimedia Enterprise services is under a Creative Commons license, allowing you to put that data to work in the best way for your business. Every article’s metadata clearly explains the attached license, making it easy to decide whether or not you want to consume that information.

What Data is included in the APIs?

Wikimedia Enterprise API Project Data

Wikipedia alone has grown into the world’s largest reference website. Wikimedia Enterprise APIs make it easy to access the knowledge contained across Wikipedia, in over 330 language editions, along with other Wikimedia Projects.

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monthly edits

Real-time access to Knowledge

Retrieve or Stream data from Wikimedia projects in any language, access metadata packaged exclusively for Wikimedia Enterprise. Detect vandalism and important updates at the article level.

Built for AI, Search, and Knowledge Graphs

Wikimedia Enterprise is used by the largest organizations on the planet to populate and refine knowledge graphs, train large language models (LLMs), inform voice assistants, and so much more.

Latest Blog Article

Realtime Streaming Updates: Parallel Connections and Restart Support

Wikimedia Enterprise Realtime API has two new significant features: Parallel Connections and Restart support, to help streamline ingesting over one million daily events across all supported projects.

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